Work // Tahnee Seagrave, Redbulletin


Client: RedBulletin
Assistant: Sam McElwee
Hair and Make Up: Katie Beveridge

Beginning of the year I was sent to North Wales to photograph the very talented British mountain bike rider, Tahnee Seagrave, riding her local trails. We had to shoot a cover portrait for the magazine and then a feature up on the trails. We spent a lot of timing setting up lighting and trying a lot of different set-ups for the portrait, with Katie doing some amazing ‘fake mud’ for the photo – in the end we shot a few frames with natural light – and this what ended up being used. It was a wise choice – definitely felt the most genuine and I feel it’s got a great energy to it. Classic case of having to exhaust other options first though. Day two fo the shoot we spent out on the trails – battling through rain and mud. Throughout it all Tahnee was a super accommodating athlete to work with. 


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