What Webinar Assistance Is Available?

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Do you have a sneaking suspicion that your business webinars aren’t as good as they could be? Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed, trying to manage your webinar process when other duties are screaming for your time? Do you wish there was a way to improve audience satisfaction and boost the ROI of your webinars?

Call on Ken Molay at Webinar Success. For 15 years, Ken has provided companies with exactly the kind of support you are looking for. Ken has a background in information technology, business marketing, public speaking, and training. He has led development of large-scale commercial software products and was a Director of Product Marketing in a major Silicon Valley technology company. He has crafted and delivered successful and persuasive webinars for decades, and now helps companies achieve that same level of quality in their online presentations.

Webinar Success is a services-only company, independent of any particular web conferencing vendor or product. Some of the most popular services include:

  • Webinar Program Analysis – Full review of your current webinar process with recommendations for improvements in promotion and marketing, materials, participant communications, presentation technique, audio/video quality, audience interaction, and follow up.
  • Presenter Training – Offered for individuals or groups. Topics include vocal skills, pacing, incorporation of demos, use of web conferencing tools, organization and structure, slide design, and audience interaction.
  • Production Support – Scheduling events in your web conferencing system, customizing registration and emails, conducting rehearsals, running reports.
  • Event Moderating – Supporting presenters and attendees, recording the session, making introductions, managing Q&A, launching polls, dealing with technical problems.

Better results are within your reach. Visit the Webinar Success website to learn more.


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