What CRM Marketers Can Learn from 888’s Award-Winning Campaign

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  • Get to know the state-of-the-art online gaming operator’s award-winning cross-channel campaign

888poker won the EGR Award for the “Best Poker Marketing Campaign.” here’s what you should know about that campaign.
They won the award for the “Made to Play” campaign, which has attracted attention from outside of the online gaming space bringing a cutting-edge and innovative approach to the ever-evolving world of CRM marketing.

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“This win is a true industry endorsement and testament to the hard work and dedication of the 888poker team. This campaign has brought a fresh and modern approach to the world of online poker, from the highly entertaining commercial and media activity to the exciting CRM campaign that placed our players in the center,” said Elad Nir, VP Head of 888poker.

Creating the winning CRM campaign

888’s winning multichannel campaign was promoted across the following channels:

  • Print and online media
  • Traditional broadcast
  • Influencer collaborations
  • CRM campaigns

The gaming operator used the new platform not only to attract new customers, but also to cross-sell existing ones. Along the way they gave away over $1 Million to players throughout the campaign in prize money that could be used for free daily spins, gift drops, and round-the-clock freerolls.

And the thing is, your brand doesn’t need to have millions to spend on CRM marketing campaigns to strengthen and grow through existing customers. Instead, it needs to be ambitious in its multichannel marketing while being customer-centric. That’s where the secret lies.

Launching a new product is just one “excuse” to embark on a cross-channel campaign – what makes campaigns award-worthy is their 360 approach that takes CRM into account from planning to execution. Which is something gaming operators still do better than brands in other industries.

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