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  • Toy brand Melissa & Doug launched its first-ever marketing campaign called, “Timeless Toys. Endless Possibilities.”
  • The idea behind the campaign is to drive children to explore the world around them with screen-free and hands-on toys

Screen time increased for all of us during lockdown, and parents now face the challenge of getting their kids off screen to encourage imaginative play. Toy brand Melissa & Doug is offering its help.

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In June Melissa & Doug launched its first-ever marketing campaign called, “Timeless Toys. Endless Possibilities.” Edelman New York created the ads that can be viewed on Amazon, Hulu and YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Here is the ad on YouTube:

As the press release about the campaign explains:

For the last 30+ years, Melissa & Doug has grown its global brand awareness thanks to word-of-mouth recommendations and the long-lasting quality of its products. This campaign will give voice to the brand in a way that consumers have not seen before, adding a new dimension to the brand they love. For parents unfamiliar with the brand, the campaignwill introduce them to its mission and the variety of wonder-filled products in its assortment.

It quotes Bridgette Miller, Global Head of Marketing at Melissa & Doug who said, “We know parents are always looking for those screen-free options that make learning more fun and tangible.”

She also referred to being “a resource for parents” who want to introduce their kids to forms of entertainment without screens. That’s why the site’s blog includes posts like The Best Play Ideas And Activities For Screen-Free Week.

Of course, the brand believes that its toys are the key: “When playing with a Melissa & Doug toy, imagination runs wild — a toy broom isn’t just a broom, it’s a rocket ship heading to the moon.”

It’s a nice idea, and there is something, indeed, timeless about low-tech toys. However, in truth, even a real broom or even a stick that fell off a tree or an empty box left from another purchase could also serve as a rocket ship for the kid with imagination.

In fact, if imaginative play is your goal, less is more. It’s when you can’t buy everything you want to play with that you are forced to improvise and get more creative.

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