The Man in the Range Rover Suit


The Range Rover’s golden anniversary called for a celebration and a new suit. Accordingly, the brand collaborated with Henry Poole & Co, located on London’s Savile Row, to create a unique fabric pattern that  incorporates the colors of the original 1970 Range Rover: Tuscan Blue, Bahama Gold, and Davos White.

The fabric itself would be woven out of lambswool in Somerset by cloth manufacturer, Fox Brothers & Co Ltd. The limited supply of 120 m. would be just enough to make 50 bespoke men’s and women’s jackets. See the video description on YouTube.

A better way to define your VIPs

Luxury marketing and exclusivity in common

It may seem odd to connect a car to a jacket, but the branding approach does make sense in the context of the target market. Referring to the sense of heritage and luxury that the car brand and tailors have in common, Land Rover’s Chief Creative Officer Prof Gerry McGovern OBE, touches on the essence of luxury marketing:

“Rarity does play a role, exclusivity in the appeal of the products from these brands. We’ve deliberately limited the amount that we will produce both on the jacket and on the vehicle itself, and I think that rarity is something that appeals to both our customers and Henry Poole’s.”

For those fans of the car who want in the exclusive celebration but don’t make the cut for the jacket, there is another special offer. As reported in Luxury Launches, the same classic colors that have not been available for the past 35 years will be painted on a limited run of the Range Rover Fifty car. The number of cars promised for the occasion is inspired by the birthdate: 1,970.

While that means you have better odds of snagging a car than a jacket, likely there will be one more exclusive hurdle: that of price. If you have to ask, likely you can’t afford it.

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