The 2019 PostFunnel Summit Lineup


PostFunnel, this website that you’re reading right now, is a digital publication centered around relationship marketing. 

 Well, it’s mostly digital. 

 This year, we’re continuing the conversation around MarTech, data analysis, customer relationship, content marketing and more – just IRL.  Save the date(s), if you haven’t already for October 28-29th, where hundreds of smart, innovative professionals such as yourself will attend the PostFunnel Summit in sunny Tel Aviv. 

 Formerly Optimove Connect, it’s the 5th iteration of the leading Relationship Marketing conference, and the first under the PostFunnel brand (proudly backed by Optimove). As always, many incredibly intriguing speakers will share tons of meaningful insights with us. Click here for more information and the full list of speakers. 

 Want to get to know them a little better? Check us out here and on social media, as we share short, personal introductory posts twice a week, leading up to the Summit. 

 Kicking off with our 3 house speakers (for logistics reasons, we know you understand :). 

Pini Yakuel
Optimove Co-Founder and CEO 

Fresh off the plane that took him back home to Israel after three years in NY, this curious, truth-seeking, analytics-driven dynamo brings both sides of the brain to everything he says or does – whether it’s a thought-provoking blog post or a fireside chat, a product initiative or a sales call, and anything in and around business and life. 

 With an MSc in Industrial Engineering and Management from Tel Aviv University, and two decades of experience in customer marketing, business consulting, and sales, it’s perhaps his passion for innovative and empowering technologies that keep Optimove ahead of the curve more than anything else. 

 Here he is presenting something he was thinking about “for [roughly] five years” 

Amit Bivas
Optimove VP Marketing 

The combination of sharp business skills, creativity, and a keen eye for detail, represents the epitome of Optimove’s software is – the sweet spot where the art and the science of marketing meet. 

His BSc in Industrial Engineering and Information Systems, strong background in data analytics and statistics, and leadership skills, make for a unique marketing exec, with extensive experience planning, developing, and executing B2B and B2C marketing strategies from the ground up. 

And here’s an interesting presentation he gave. Minus his usual propensity towards printed dress shirts

Yoav Susz
Optimove VP Revenue, North America 

After a career in Public Diplomacy, Product Management, and Law, Yoav found his true calling helping businesses find the best way to engage their customers. Yeah, we didn’t see it coming either. 

Yoav holds an LLB from the Interdisciplinary Center in Israel and an MBA from the Stern School of Business at NYU. None of which explains his (sophisticated) British accent. 

Check it out for yourself . 

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