Snapchat Plans for December Holidays in June

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  • Snapchat announced the launch of its holiday resource hub, but it may not be the best choice for marketers

On June 8, Snapchat announced the launch of its holiday resource hub for marketers, and posted this video on its Snapchat For Business YouTube channel.

Clicking through brings you to an eight-page long US Festive Shopping Season 2021 Handout guide. Its focus is on the three global trends that Snapchat predicts will shape the upcoming holiday season:

  1. Global Optimism Is on the Rise
  2. Mobile Commerce Will Dominate Transactions
  3. Shoppers Will Expect Immersive, Contextual Experiences

That is followed by “12 Ways to Win This Festive Shopping Season.” Most of them are the standard advice of keeping a feeling of authenticity and positivity.

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Not surprisingly, it also pushes for an early start – not as early as June but October. While many marketing services would echo that, Snapchat also promotes its own features, urging brands to leverage its “AR + Video = the ultimate power couple for your holiday campaigns.”

Earlier in the handout, it said that “89% of Snap chatters are interested in try-on AR experiences.”

Well, that might be true, though I do have some doubt about Snapchat being the most effective platform for marketing.

Retail TouchPoints just reported that Snapchat actually is dead last in the lineup for social purchases:

“Facebook and Instagram are the clear leaders in the social shopping space: 34% of those surveyed purchased on Facebook, and 23% purchased through Facebook-owned Instagram. All other platforms, including Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, and Snapchat, were in the single digits.”

Snapchat garners just 2% of purchases through a platform where TikTok and Pinterest garner 3%. Snapchat only goes up to 3% for the category of “clicked ad and later purchased,” where TikTok and Pinterest garner 6%.

This means that even if Snapchat is first to bring up holiday marketing, it may not be the best choice for marketers.

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