Problem Solving DVD Training Pack (7 DVDs, 50 Lean Terms on PDF, 27 Lean Forms & Tools)

Price: $139.00

The Lean Training System by Velaction is a versatile, customizable way to train your team, and yourself, about continuous improvement concepts. Our Problem Solving module group provides the information you need to teach yourself, or your team, to more effectively solve the problems you encounter on your continuous improvement journey. Start with this Problem Solving DVD training pack, and then add more components (PowerPoint, Student Guides, Exercises, etc.) or more modules as your training needs grow.This DVD extended pack contains 6 DVDs of narrated PowerPoint training. 2 are recorded webinars, and 5 were produced with high quality audio equipment and professional grade screen capture software. In addition to the DVDs, you will get data disks containing 27 Lean forms and tools, including those featured in the videos. You’ll also get 50 terms on over 400 pages of PDF files to complement the lessons from the DVDs.Highly effective, visual, engaging Lean training recorded to DVD
Use videos as leaders’ guides (for available PowerPoint), as part of an independent study program, as makeup training, or as a just-in-time refresher.
Lean Forms & Tools: 26 forms, including those used in the videos
Lean Terms: 40 Lean terms on PDF (316 Pages) to complement videos
Recorded Webinars: Data Collection (43 min); Flow Charts (26 min)
DVDs: Cause & Effect Diagram (17 min); Run Charts (15 min)
DVDs: Pareto Charts (22 min); PDCA (42 min)
DVD: Root Cause Analysis & The 5 Whys (18 min)


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