Presentation Best Practices – A Resource List


I wrote a companion piece challenging readers to make the commitment in 2020 to learn, practice, and apply best practices to continually improve their presentation skills.

This post offers links to resources you can use to help discover and develop those skills. I’ll start with some of the most well-known resources in our community of presentation professionals. Of course it won’t be comprehensive. So I invite my colleagues to add comments with links to additional sources of knowledge.

I’m going to consciously omit commercial training courses in my list. There are many, from Toastmasters to Dale Carnegie to independent professionals. If you want to sign up for formal training, more power to you and I applaud your commitment. But I decided to concentrate on self-help references such as books, blogs, podcasts, videos, and conferences.

  • Beyond Bullet Points – Cliff Atkinson’s seminal book on more effective PowerPoint design.
  • BrightCarbon – Not just tips and training videos, but free add-ins for PowerPoint to make your work process more efficient.
  • Duarte – Nancy Duarte is another giant name in this space. Her agency put together a resources page with their own offerings. Slide:ology is the book that broke big for her.
  • Indezine – Check the links at the bottom of the page for the blog and ezine newsletter. Geetesh Bajaj covers news, personalities, and advice from across the industry.
  • PowerPoint Spice – Free training videos on YouTube with lots of specific tricks to add zip to your PowerPoint slides.
  • Present Your Story – Nolan Haims offers a blog with tips and the latest episodes of The Presentation Podcast with Troy Chollar and Sandy Johnson.
  • The Presentation Summit – Held annually in the United States. The most concentrated, focused gathering of presentation specialists you can find. Each year is a reunion of sorts for the presentation community, sharing tips and techniques. Slightly more concentration on visual design skills (especially PowerPoint) than on speaking skills. In 2020, they’ll meet in Seattle from August 9-12.
  • Presentation Zen – Garr Reynolds is one of the most influential names in the presentation industry. Look at his website, buy his books, watch his recorded talks.
  • Think Outside The Slide – Dave Paradi offers a page of free resources with tips, tools, and his annual “Annoying PowerPoint Survey.”
  • The Webinar Blog – Just in case you found this post through an external link, I hope you’ll subscribe to my blog with news, tips, and reviews concerning online presentations in webinars, webcasts, and web conferences.

That’s a good starter set, but let’s keep it going in the comments. Add a link and short description to your own offering or to a resource you find helpful.



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