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<p><img src="" /><img src="" /><img src="" /><img src="" /><img src="" /><img src="" /><img src="" /><img src="" /><img src="" /><img src="" /><img src="" /><img src="" /><img src="" /><br /><br />Photology is a clean styled photography themes for Professional Photographer, Bloggers, and creative folks.<br /><br />We built Photology as a super clean, portfolio exposed themes. We have made it easy for visitors to browse your portfolio content, so they spend more time enjoying your portfolio content, which leaves them wanting to come back for more. Photology is also very easy to customize, maintain and use on a daily basis. We have integrated a one-click install feature, as we have with all of our latest themes. Photology is a &#8220;no fuss, no muss&#8221; theme, so you can focus on the most important thing, creating engaging portfolio!<br /></p><h3 id="item-description__features">Features</h3> <ul> <li>Collapsed Side Navigation &#38; Normal Side Navigation</li> <li>Super rich portfolio feature</li> <li>Grid Masonry, Metro, Pinterest Portfolio layout</li> <li>Change Size of your portfolio, and change margin size base on your need.</li> <li>Change Dimension of your portfolio block.</li> <li>Ajax Teather mode, and Ajax slide mode for Portfolio expand.</li> <li>Normal Portfolio expand with sidecontent for portfolio with comment</li> <li>Portfolio that support Image, Video (youtube &#38; vimeo) and HTML 5 Content.</li> <li>Normal Blog, and Masonry Blog</li> <li>Smart Ajax filtering on Masonry Blog</li> <li>Normal Blog with side content and full blog</li> <li>Gallery that have same powerfull capability like Portfolio</li> <li>4 Type of Fullscreen slider <ul> <li>Kenburn Slider</li> <li>Service Slider</li> <li>IOS slider</li> <li>Gallery Slider</li> </ul> </li> <li>Auto Generated Shortcode</li> <li>Translation Ready</li> <li>One Click Install</li> </ul>



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