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At the beginning of 2018 I was able to take some time to visit a part of the world which I have yet to really get the grips with as much as I would like, South America. I have had assignments in Central America before (Guatemala and Mexico) but as a region it’s not somewhere I have really got to explore yet. I was lucky enough to travel on the maiden voyage of a new route for Norwegian Airlines as they flew their first direct flight London Gatwick to Beaunos Aires. The assignment that took me there was a story on the Iberá region, and I teamed up with the writer Amanda Barnes for this. Once done on that assignment, we took an extra couple of weeks to shoot a story on Gaucho culture.  We covered everything from the gauchos of the wetlands who have learnt to swim with their horses, to the horse whisperers of the La Pampa and the hardy Gauchos of Patagonian wilderness

I have since turned this into a self published book and you can purchase a copy of that here. To see more of this project as it is on the website click here.

Once again if you are interested in buying copy of the book you can find it here


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Online enterprenuer. Lean leadership consultant.

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