Pepsi Promotes “Cherries Wild” With a New App and Sweepstakes


Pepsi just announced the Valentine’s Day debut of a game show that is the product of its partnership with FOX Entertainment called “Cherries Wild.” Those who want a taste of the game ahead of time are encouraged to download the free app to allow fans to participate in the games.

Pepsi explained that this approach fits the way we watch TV now. It cites stats from Nielsen, that finds “73% of adults use a digital device while watching TV1 and 55% of people watching TV with phone in hand are playing games.” On that basis, it considers the app a way “to engage consumers at home on a deeper, more integrated level.”

Variety observed that the approach is just the latest example of brands that seek out ways to make their marketing integral to the entertainment: “As consumers find more ways to avoid watching commercials — including viewing their favorite programs via streaming, where ads are often reduced — advertisers are seeking ways to embed themselves in the programming “

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An additional incentive to download the app is offered in the form of a contest called The Pepsi Wild Cherry Game Show Promotion. Thousands of prizes are offered, ranging from $4 pair of sunglasses to a $500 Mastercard Reward.

The total ARV of all available prizes amounts to $239,000, so we’re talking a pretty modest outlay as far as these things go. But it’s probably still enough to get a substantial number of people to willingly download the app and agree to its terms and conditions, including data collection that Pepsi will undoubtedly use for further marketing.

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