OPP 48 Kate McShea – How to Do Webinars to Increase Sales

Online Playmaker Sessions Episode 48 with video marketing, social media, webinar marketing expert Kate Mcshe – http://onlineprofitplaybook.com/ep-48-kate-mcshea

A former elementary school teacher, Kate McShea now specializes in training home business owners and online entrepreneurs how to leverage the power of video marketing, social media and webinars to generate more leads, more sales and build a massive following online.

After struggling for 4 years in the home business profession, Kate and her husband Andrew went from Zero to growing a 6 Figure Business in less than 12 months leveraging video marketing, social media & webinars. They’ve collectively generated nearly 100,000 leads, are top affiliates within two online marketing communities, had their first 6 figure launch for their Facebook Video Ads Course and are currently releasing their latest training course 60 Minute Marketer.

Kate is now a sought after speaker and trainer who hosts her own live events and traffic workshops. She also facilitates and trains at some of the most exclusive private masterminds in the home business industry which allows her to help stretch and grow her students through her greatest passion… Teaching.

What You Will Learn in this Episode:

  • the 3 main components that Kate learned early on to focus on from her early mentor that helped her to create results
  • how Kate is leveraging Facebook Live Broadcasts right now to grow her audience and identify her best prospects with the highest potential to become customers
  • how Kate & Andrew started with webinars, and how their failure led them towards creating their biggest successes leveraging webinars
  • the 3 main “hurdles” that hold most marketers back from starting to run their own webinars
  • the 3 things you need to have and know to start doing your own webinars
  • the most important thing to know when creating the educational part of your webinar to make sure its effective, engaging and will help you convert more sales
  • the secret to structuring your transition from the training portion of your webinar to the close
  • the key questions to ask just before you reveal the price of your offer during your close on your webinar
  • 3 key things to focus on in your business to create a massive breakthrough in the next 90 days

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