Once Upon a Mattress 

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  • Products sold by Casper will be on display at Bed Bath & Beyond stores, starting July 22 at the newly remodeled flagship store in Midtown Manhattan
  • It’s on brand not just for the bedding referenced in the name Bed Bath & Beyond but for its promotion of its Nestwell to Rest Well Guide™

The focus on bedding fits with the retailer’s emphasis on how an individual’s nesting preferences are important to achieving a good night’s sleep. It offers customers its interactive “Nestwell to Rest Well Guide™” that includes both ideas on aesthetics as well as guidance from Dr. Shelby Harris, a sleep wellness expert.

“We are pleased to strengthen our authority in the sleep category by forging this strategic partnership with Casper to make its exceptional and innovative suite of sleep solutions available to our customers,” said Joe Hartsig, EVP and Chief Merchandising Officer of Bed Bath & Beyond, and President of Harmon Stores.

He considers the Casper products an appropriate complement to the bedding products that make up a major component of the store’s offerings.

Emilie Arel, President and Chief Commercial Officer at Casper, noted:  “It’s an honor to bring the unique Casper shopping experience and latest sleep solutions with Snow Technology to a legacy retailer that shares our mission of helping millions of people achieve a more comfortable night’s sleep, and we’re excited for the significant opportunities this partnership will create.”

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Bed Bath & Beyond do not have exclusive access on showcasing Casper’s mattresses. The D2C brand also has over 70 retail stores under its own name. It considers the move to bricks-and-mortar a demonstration of “increasing accessibility for consumers to purchase wherever they prefer to shop.” Meeting them where they want to shop helps the brand create strong and meaningful relationships with customers.

Casper had publicly stated an ambition to open 200 retailer stores over three years back in 2018. However, as Bloomberg reported in January 2020, the goal shifted to a more nebulous time frame of “over time.” Perhaps it’s now testing out partnering with bedding retailers instead of opening up standalone stores to see which venue draws more customers.

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