No Cable is No Problem for the Football Fan with a Can


Miller Lite just launched the Cantenna, which it describes as “part real beer, part digital antenna” and a new way to watch football. The brand noted that in the absence of the usual social ways of watching the game live or together with friends at sports bars, people do need a better way to watch the game.

“Streaming live sports can get frustrating and expensive and if cord-cutters want to watch football, they’re often forced to resort to sketchy, unreliable, illegal streaming,” observed Stephanie Clanfield, associate marketing manager, Miller Lite.

Guide to reengaging churned customers

To drive home the point that there is a better way, Miller Light designed a commercial that showed the shortcomings of unreliable streaming with a tongue-in-cheek title song, “Sunday Night Is Back (But Not For You).”

Spoiler alert: the guy who does try to stream the game gets arrested for copyright violations without even seeing the score. His lawyer then chastises him for not using the Cantenna.

Clanfield explained that for this campaign they “couldn’t rely on typical marketing tactics, instead we chose an unconventional approach to serve them up something unforgettable during a time when they were the most engaged.”

The Cantenna is not for sale but can be won by those of legal drinking age when they enter at Cantennas will be given away until October 12 so be quick.

It seems that beers are working overtime to get their fans attention when many bars remain closed, and no fans in the stands mean no beer sales there either. That would account for the rise of contests and creative campaigns among beer brands like the Coors trip.

The benefit of the Cantenna, though, is that it is something people may put to use right away. Cheers!


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