Netflix Opens a Store

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  • Netflix launched this month – providing “A New Way for Fans to Connect with Their Favorite Stories,” as the company puts it

On June 10, Netflix posted a blog that  introduced Netflix shop to offer fans of its shows the opportunity to “connect with their favorite stories” by buying stuff.

It went heavy on the adjectives and adverbs in describing what essentially amounts to clothes, toys, and decor connected to the anime series Yasuke and Eden and more high brow items that result from cooperation with the Musée du Louvre to tie into the Lupin series.

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Nearly everything is described as “limited edition,” which is a key to marketing on the grounds of exclusivity. What’s surprising, though, is that Netflix is not planning to keep access to its branded products exclusive but partnering with Target to sell the Yasuke products.

For this particular line, Netflix showcased the video of its creator that is also posted on its YouTube channel:

That’s the modern twist that distinguishes this kind of branded marketing from merchandise made to celebrate Star Wars. Those who bought and continue to buy them don’t usually care about who came up with the design, only about marking their connection to the franchise.

However, today’s branded marketing will often allow the designers to connect to the target market. That way, a purchase is about showing love for a show and supporting the person who uses it as inspiration to create.

“And there’s more ahead,” Netflix promises. “Keep an eye out for exclusive products from beloved titles like The Witcher and Stranger Things, as well as new Netflix logo-wear from Japanese fashion house BEAMS.”

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