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Hey Zoe here from the NDIA. Today we’re going to a webinar. Webinars are really important for us here at the agency, and this is a place for us to engage with you where you are and answer your questions about the NDIS.

There’s a lot of work that goes into webinars so today we’re going to go behind the scenes and find out what it takes to answer the questions.

So this is the studio. This is where the magic happens. We get a panel of experts fully briefed on every kind of question you could ask. The questions get sent through to this room on a little screen and they’ll do their very best to answer them. Sometimes there are questions that we just can’t answer on the day and we take those back to the office and we respond to them in a frequently asked questions after the webinar. Let’s get out of here so they can get on stage.

Welcome everyone to the National Disability Insurance Agency’s webinar, a special one on getting ready for the NDIS.

What does rollout mean? What can people do to get NDIS ready?

So Sue, this is an extremely exciting time for both the agency, for the scheme and for all Australians with a disability.

But because we’re so used to getting what we’re getting, we never thought about asking further.

And wanting to think about what can make our lives just like anybody else’s.

We’re here outside the moderation room, let’s go in and see what happens.

When people go online and join the webinar, they ask their questions and I get them all here. So it’s quite busy. We have two to three thousand people join the webinars. Every time we get between 100 and 300 questions in the hour.

I found today’s webinar one of the best that we’ve done, and I think there were lots of useful questions for people who are thinking about how they will start to come into the NDIS and actually get NDIS ready.

It was great, and the people who wrote in actually asked some great questions.

It was great to hear the experiences from Elizabeth and Lynn in terms of how they’re engaging with participants and providers and hear their perspective on how participants can get ready for NDIS.

I think that it really highlighted how much NDIS is different to the programs that we’ve had in the past for people with a disability because it is so individualised. It isn’t like ‘you guys get the same thing’, it’s very much down to what each person needs.



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