My Marketing And My Sales Are Not Working, And I Don’t Know Why


It’s Back To The Future For Marketers, Sales Leaders And CEOs

Back in 2003, we heard “my marketing isn’t working and I don’t know why” time and time again from CEOs. In fact, it was the main messaging for Square 2. People were confused and we helped them figure it out.

We solved it successfully for years. Then along came inbound marketing and we worked to explain this new methodology. We taught our clients about earning attention, being patient and executing a collection of inbound-only tactics. Inbound was the answer.

A few years ago, the ground shifted again, and as inbound became more commonplace, new concepts popped up like conversational marketing, account-based marketing (ABM), advocacy marketing and influencer marketing. Those concepts further confused an already confused set of people who simply wanted more leads, more sales opportunities and more new customer revenue.


Online enterprenuer.
Lean leadership consultant.


Online enterprenuer. Lean leadership consultant.

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