More Examples of How The Home Depot is Building Strong Customer Relations Post Pandemic

What’s in this article:

  • Key CRM points from an interview with Shavonne M Clark, senior marketing manager at The Home Depot
  • How the Home Depot is successfully leveraging data to build and maintain relationships with customers and how it has adapted to the digital space growth

The Drum recently released an interview on how The Home Depot is building consumer love with the help of data, where Shavonne M Clark, senior marketing manager at The Home Depot, talked about digital transformation and how the brand adapted, and accommodated customers’ demands during the pandemic.

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Like most, in the last 16 months, the brand had to adjust its digital budgets while ensuring content was relevant according to what customers were looking for and what they needed.

To do so, The Home Depot updated creative assets to demonstrate commitment to customers and associate safety while articulating brand and product information to empower customers. Not an easy task.

Content Transformation

The Home Depot was very mindful in updating creative assets to accommodate customers based on their current state. For example, campaigns were generated to present customers with what they’re looking for when spending more time at home and taking on more projects.

The brand now sends DIYers who need to visualize themselves doing a project before and after photos. It also sends customers how-to content that involves step-by-step instructions. Finally, the brand is consistent and cohesive when building campaigns.


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Data Transformation

Realtime data became key in reacting and adjusting to the NewNow. “Be there, be relevant, and be quick,” said Clark in the interview – emphasizing how brands must provide smooth and seamless omnichannel experiences.

Since cookie restrictions and data mining will be harder to access – it will be even more critical to use and rely on first product data. So, when customers rent tools from The Home Depot, customer IDs will be even more effective for its sales team.

Acquiring and retaining first-party customer IDs will assist The Home Depot in engaging with customers directly. It’ll also determine how it customizes and builds campaigns to speak directly to customers.

“Data allows us to communicate with customers one-to-one and make sure we understand what their needs are in order to service them,” Clark added.

OTT Transformation

The Home Depot is further stepping into the streaming space, checking out Disney+, YouTube, and other on-demand networks. More and more customers are reaching The Home Depot through OTTs, and this trend doesn’t seem to be changing in 2021. Therefore, they will continue to use this medium as an option to engage customers.

Insights for Action

Customers are smart and have many options, The Home Depot will make sure that its audience is first in all considerations.

“Make sure that your brand is putting the customer first, keeping them top of mind, being authentic and genuine concerning what you’re putting in front of them and expecting them to do,” Clark concluded. That’s customer-centricity at its finest.

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