Missguided Properly Guiding Consumers to Be Themselves

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The women’s online fashion shop, Missguided, proves to the world that strength and beauty come in all shapes and sizes. By inspiring women to feel confident and robust through various marketing efforts and partnerships – the brand is, as they say, “committed to empowering all.”

Most recently, Missguided partnered with the Models of Diversity charity to promote equality.

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The campaign is calling on “the next generation of content creators and models” to apply by sharing photos of themselves on Instagram with no filters.

Applicants need to tag themselves with the hashtag, #MissguidedxMod. If you check, the hashtag isn’t short of all sorts of women giving it a try, proving this a great way to promote inclusion and discover inspirational women for a campaign.

“Missguided is really excited about partnering up with Models of Diversity. Female empowerment is at the heart of everything we do, especially our campaigns,” said Treasure Evans, senior creative and campaign manager at Missguided.

“It allows us to communicate with our audience and promote body positivity and reinforce the message that all women are beautiful.”

Also recently, Missguided announced another collaboration with P.Diddy’s iconic Sean John brand.

Inspired by the brand’s history, the 117-piece streetwear collection will include everything from velour to nylon and sweat fabrics.

The Sean John x Missguided partnership is also said to influence consumers to continue being “unapologetically themselves.”

“This is an exciting partnership for Sean John; we feel like the time is right to bring a strong, style-driven collection to market for women. We couldn’t think of a better partner than Missguided, because they get it,” says founder, Sean Combs A.K.A. P.Diddy.

“Over the years, women have supported the brand, worn our iconic velour tracksuits, and have been asking for a collection, so here it is!”

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From one influencer to another, Missguided might also be launching a collection with expecting mom, Charlotte Dawson. The discussion is currently going on about a possible maternity line with the reality T.V. star who was spotted riding around in Missguided’s Rolls Royce.

“Charlotte’s skyrocketed in popularity over lockdown, and since she announced her pregnancy, brands have been fighting to sign her up for an exclusive contract,” said a star from Inside Misguided.

“Her humor and relatability make her the perfect match for her own collection, and her nearly 1 million followers on Instagram are the perfect audience to target.”

Oh, and if you haven’t yet heard, Inside Missguided: Made in Manchester, is the brand’s documentary that records everything the workforce does at Missguided HQ.

Though it has received some negative feedback from viewers lately, mainly for focusing on a gender reveal party at H.Q., rather than the hard workers in the factories – some will tell you any publicity is good publicity.

We just thought that putting all these thought-out marketing initiatives next to each other on one article will show just how heavily the company is investing in creating a meaningful brand – making sure to support important social causes – which is the very first step in what could be a long relationship with its customers.



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