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Want a bulletproof sales funnel that can sell your professional coaching services without having to lift a finger?

Great, keep reading…

Since we relaunched our Done-For-You Sales Funnel Service last year, we’ve been creating sales funnels for our 20+ clients to date. But today, I decided to show you instead how to create your own and tell you why it can scale your coaching business by bringing in leads instantly. 

No matter if you’re a startup, entrepreneur, life/business coach, personal trainer, high-end agency who does consulting, or a professional selling high-ticket coaching services, in today’s article, I’ll teach you how to craft a sales funnel for your coaching business that’s proven to convert. 

Plus, I’ll share with you the coaching funnels that AutoGrow has created, the strategy behind them, and why they work regardless of your target market. 

I’m doing this for your benefit so you can not only create your own coaching funnel. But you’ll actually get to download AutoGrow’s proven-to-convert Coaching Funnel Template for FREE and start selling your services right away.

Without further ado, let’s dive into it and sell your coaching business services now…


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The Coaching Funnel & the Strategy Behind It

A strategy is a plan of action focused on how we achieve a goal. It’s made of steps and thoughtful conversion tactics. 

When I asked Matt, the founder of AutoGrow, about the strategy behind the coaching funnel he created, he said “the strategy behind a coaching funnel is to create a series of steps that lead people to convert into qualified leads.” 

And this is for people to be qualified before getting into the call with the coach. This helps those leads have the right expectations about what they’d be potentially buying during that consultation call. It’s also a way for the coach to qualify leads and filter out the bad ones and  not invest time on someone who’s not a fit for his service or products.  

For instance, the end goal for most of our clients with their sales funnels is to “cause a permanent increase in sales and leads by attracting the right traffic in front of the right message(s), at the right time.”

You see, consumer and buyer behaviors have made a shift over the years. Their journey through your website is different than it used to be. So, your funnel must reflect that path of least resistance.

It must align with their expectations and anticipate their needs—and do it in a cool, non-salesy way.

You already know that a sales funnel is defined as a series of steps that lead a customer from awareness to a buying decision.

For instance, we at AutoGrow have created proven-to-convert coaching sales funnels. We start with a custom-developed Funnel Strategy Blueprint that we include as part of our Done-For-You-Service to clients. And with it, clients get 3 deliverables:

  1. Two 1-on-1 consulting calls with a Funnel Strategist. 
  2. A customized funnel diagram. 
  3. A detailed, step-by-step plan of action. 

The funnel blueprint includes all steps to take in order to build a solid sales funnel. Its goal is to bring the client’s funnel as fast as possible to a positive ROI (i.e., we work to get you results sooner rather than later without sacrificing quality). We actually always try to launch our clients’ funnels in 20 days.

Now, I will share with you the funnel template that should be your starting point when building your own coaching funnel.

This funnel template sets up the foundations for creating your first funnel from scratch. It’s got all the key elements your coaching funnel needs to bring in leads. And afterall, that’s one of the most important things—to have all core elements in place.

I recommend starting with this simpler funnel because building a more complex one like the one I’ll show you in a second, can take as much as several months to complete. 

And this funnel works with high-priced physical products and services, for entrepreneurs, coaches, personal trainers, startup businesses, and high-end agencies who do consulting for other companies. 

What I like about this funnel is that it’s simple. It puts the focus on a couple of core pages to do the conversion “legwork.” 

So, if you’re looking to build your own coaching funnel to sell your coaching services, that should be your starting point. I won’t go into much detail with this funnel because I want to focus on a little more complex one. Matt created and used the upcoming diagram to build three different successful coaching businesses.

One of the businesses Matt created the diagram above for, is in the real estate coaching industry.

This client is a professional business/life coach who specializes in helping real estate agents earn more, adjust their mindset for success, and improve their quality of life. She helps them reach their true potential by providing reputation-boosting strategies to turn real estate careers into a massive and lucrative success.

She’s one of our best case studies so far. Her lead magnet offer has converted pretty well. 112 people have opted in to download her checklist, and 4 people have requested a consultation with her. 

We’ve seen 18% conversion for this coach since we first launched her funnel 3 months ago. 

I’ll share with you now the secrets that make this funnel successful.

Want a bulletproof sales funnel that can sell your professional coaching services and convert leads like crazy? Click here to download our easy and proven-to-work Coaching Funnel Template for FREE now.

Key Elements that Make this Funnel WORK

Anyway, after downloading the checklist, prospects are redirected to a Thank You page with a video incentivizing them to request a consultation with the coach. We’re basically selling here the consultation rather than the video.

If prospects proceed to book the call, then they’ll be asked a couple of qualifying questions. This is to qualify leads and filter out the bad ones. Then, they’re redirected to a Booking page to select the date of preference for their call with the coach.

This simple funnel has already converted leads by 87% since we launched it. 955 people have opted in to download the checklist we created for our client.

1. Lead Magnet: This is the entry point for your funnel. As you can see in the funnel diagram above, we created a landing page for people to download this real estate coach’s lead magnet. Checklists are perfect for converting leads so ofer prospects any how-to checklists on how to solve or do something. We start with a lead magnet offer because it doesn’t represent a big commitment for the lead. It’s something they get for free that adds value to them.

For example, give a 10-step checklist on how to “go paperless and automate your workflow” in the case of a software agency vendor. Or how to “adjust your diet and lose weight in the first 2 weeks” in the case of a health coach. Or a “7-figure income real estate agent checklist” for real estate agents to earn more, adjust their mindset for success, and improve their quality of life. Or a simple checklist on how to determine their identity to make success their second nature.

When you create your lead magnet offer, aim for 20-40% or higher for the people coming to your lead magnet landing page.

2. Retargeting Ads: Adding retargeting ads make people come back if they don’t convert with the lead magnet offer and tightens the conversion rate.

3. Congrats Page: We used to call it a thank you page but we now refer to it as a congrats page. This is because you want to reaffirm people’s decision to opt in so download the lead magnet in the first place. It’s important to write a copy of 1 or 2 sentences for with a transition statement. Thank or congratulate your website visitors for downloading or requesting your lead magnet. Then, add a video where you (the founder of the business) are on camera. This will help nurture the relationship with the prospect because they’ll see your face, they’ll know who’s behind the brand.

Communicate with your prospects so they can empathize with you and your business. Tell them how the lead magnet offer they just downloaded works, how they can get value from it, and tell them a bit about you and your company. Then, add a clear CTA button below the video to keep moving your prospects through your funnel and convert them into customers.

Here are some examples of congrats pages that you might want to use as an inspiration to create yours…

Treat this page as a sales page. At this point, the people who land here are interested in whatever you’re selling. They’re ready to potentially make a buying decision. So be specific with your offer, clarify their questions.

For instance, offer the different packages of your service. Educate them with your price anchor. Let them know what’s the opportunity cost of doing nothing, what’s the value of their time, what’s included in the different packages. 

When they book a consultation for the next step, they’ll be asked some qualifying questions.

4. Confirmation/Booking Page: You can combine both opt-in form questions with the confirmation and booking page. We’ve actually seen this convert better. For instance, include a booking widget (like Calendly) to schedule a cal. This works because it removes some of the friction of scheduling calls at a time that works for both parties.

Then, make them answer the qualifying questions to affirm their commitment to get into the call with the coach.

5. Thank You Page: After people answer the qualifying questions and book a call, thank them or congratulate them for that step they just took.

6. Email Follow Up: For this step we follow an internal formula that we call VAC. Send these emails if people drop off before booking the consultation. And each email sequence should follow our formula: value (following up, did you see the lead magnet offer?), authority (here’s why clients get results, here’s why I changed their lives), call to action (push them to make a decision).

Examples of Our Clients’ Coaching Funnels Proven to Work

  • Health: We used this funnel as the base for a high-ticket sales funnel for a hyperbaric chamber. This is a type of medical treatment used by athletes and children.
  • Software agency: Another type of business this sales funnel works for is a software agency. Our former client was selling services that helped larger companies to streamline their operations.   
  • High-end agencies: High-end B2B agencies who do consulting for other companies can also benefit from our coaching funnel template. 
  • Startup: Entrepreneurs and/or startup businesses who sell high-value and high-priced products or services can use our template to bring in leads to grow their new business.
  • Coaches and personal trainers: This funnel is working for one of our current clients. He’s a life coach who teaches people how to make success their second nature through some expertly-crafted training programs. And so far, we’ve helped him convert leads by 87%.

That’s pretty impressive, right? It just goes to show that one single funnel can do wonders for a business.

High-ticket Coaching Funnel Example

Here’s an example of a coaching funnel that has worked for a high-ticket coaching business.

Winning International is a coaches-to-coaches service that assists leaders in growing their businesses.

The company was created in 2014 by Ryan Magdziarz. He works with dating, finance, fitness, health, life, and business coaches.

This company’s sales funnel relies heavily on paid Facebook ads. These drive people to their website where they can then opt in and become customers.

For this funnel, their Facebook ads promoted a free fitness-related report.

Let’s take a look at this high-ticket funnel…

1. Landing Page: When prospects arrive on this page, they’re encouraged to download their lead magnet that is a template.

2. Free Consultation: On the top right corner prospects can see a call-to-action button that invites them to check out the “Free Training”. After clicking, people are redirected to a landing page with outstanding CTAs to book a free call.

3. Thank You Page: After downloading the lead magnet, prospects are taken to a thank you page. On that page, there’s an offer for a free call along with a CTA to watch a video. The end goal here is to convert the prospect into a paying client.

Their lead magnet offer is what makes this sales funnel so unique. Because it then leads to an offer to become a coaching client, which is a great upsell technique.

Want a bulletproof sales funnel that can sell your professional coaching services and convert leads like crazy? Click here to download our proven-to-work Coaching Funnel Template for FREE now.


Now tell me something quickly, is it worth implementing the right sales funnel to sell your coaching services after reading this article?

When you download our coaching funnel templates, the next step is to go level by level in the funnel, take action, and launch. 

But remember, building a sales funnel takes time and expertise. Even if you don’t see results right away, it’ll work. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see results immediately.

Our funnel templates will help you:

  • Understand your customer’s journey. 
  • Empathize with your prospects (what do they need, not what they want) and present your offers in a logical order. This order needs to anticipate the customer’s or client’s needs—tailoring the message based on where they’re at.
  • People will drop out of your funnel (that’s normal) so take action. Get quality targeting for your ads (traffic), along with thoughtful on-page copy, design, and of course, follow-up via retargeting and email automations.

We’re seeing already great results for clients who are using these funnels to sell their coaching services. And I’m sure it will bring results for you too now that you know the “why” behind each element of your funnel. This will help you better understand your prospects and customers’ needs and give them what they’re looking for.

And to craft the best possible sales funnel for your coaching business, you have some options to consider. 

  1. Do it yourself. But do you have the time for that? If your answer is yes, then downloading our templates sounds like a good idea. And if your answer is no, then you’ve got option 2 below.
  2. You can hire someone to create the coaching funnel for your business. And that “someone” happens to be AutoGrow

Feel free to reach out to our full-stack marketing team. We make building your high-converting coaching funnel easier than ever. 

Now tell me something, have you ever created a coaching sales funnel before? 

Let me know in the comments below.

And by the way, congrats! By downloading our funnel template you’re one step closer to converting leads like crazy!

Keep funnelin’, stay focused,



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