Look Down: The Socks Market is Going Up

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Retailers have been pivoting towards athleisure and loungewear since the pandemic struck.

From American Eagle going home and lululemon paving the way for fashion athleisure during quarantine, many brands try to stay relevant by attending to the WFH generation.

But not only have sweatpants, leggings, and undergarments become the wardrobe necessity, though. Now it’s time for socks makers to grab some attention.

A comfort-focused sock and apparel startup, Bombas, recently reported an increase in sales as consumers still don’t get dressed up and go out as much as they used to.

“Sales are up,” said Bombas co-founder and chief brand officer, Randy Goldberg. “There’s that response to comfort and a response to community. And people are looking for these little moments for themselves.”

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Bombas aims to make the most comfortable socks around, as part of the growing role “comfort” is playing in our lives.

The best part of it is that Bombas’ mission is to help those in need with their “One purchased = one donated, always and forever” sales model – also making sure to stay helpful when many need any help they can get.

Additionally, happiness is everywhere with one of the most fun sock brands out there who just teamed up with the largest entertainment conglomerate.

We’re talking about Happy Socks and Disney’s collab, which portrays that nostalgic 80s feel – or what we like to call – perfect nostalgic marketing (Check out how Blockbuster and Atari Hotels mastered it recently, too.)

Liking the new sock trend so far? Well, to make things official, Canadian Hip Hop star, Drake, announced his first big collab with Nike. And it’s also around socks – in honor of his “Certified Lover Boy” album, the rapper will make bootleg CDG play socks for Nike. The Hotline Bling rapper posted a preview of the black and white socks on his Instagram stories a few weeks back – both pairs feature a bold red heart accented by the Nike swoosh.

Watch for more clues in his music video here:

And how about some innovation to end things off?

So, it’s no secret we all get lost in our sock drawers, mostly finding mismatching items. Problem solved with PILOI, the ingenious built-in clip made with the highest-quality cotton for socks.

Point is, doesn’t matter how mundane your industry niche may look, smart offerings, quick marketing reactions, and some innovation are always within reach. And maybe even a collab with super cool celebs.

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