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Check out the latest live streaming features from Zoom Webinar! This Facebook Live exclusive stream has been uploaded for YouTube viewers. Zoom Video Communications latest feature is live streaming from within their webinar platform.

Zoom 4.0 now includes a host of new features for video conferencing, webinars and now live streaming. With the latest Zoom Video Communication client update you can now live stream directly to Facebook Live or YouTube Live to extend the reach of your webinar audience. Zoom Webinars could be the new easiest way to live stream to these destinations (especially if you are video conferencing and communicating with with different people around the world).

We have a course all about how to “host your own live talk show” available on UDEMY and it’s a somewhat complicated process. Zoom Webinars now allows you to create a video conferencing room with absolutely no set and start live streaming!

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Online enterprenuer.
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Online enterprenuer. Lean leadership consultant.

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