Lean Six Sigma: An Overview – Webinar

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Organizations in both the private and public sectors have two (2) fundamental ways to succeed:
• Add value for customers/clients by focusing on continual improvement, and
• Add value for customers/clients by focusing on innovation

This webinar provides an overview of the roots of “Lean” and “Six Sigma” and the resulting merged, problem-solving methodology known as “Lean Six Sigma” which has become the preferred, structured approach to adding value for customers/clients. It does so by identifying and eliminating the 8 forms of waste, reducing variation to measurable limits, and optimizing the steps used in the processes that affect those customers/clients the most.

In the realm of continual improvement (approximately 80-82% of organizational initiatives), the primary focus of this webinar will cover the major elements of the DMAIC methodology and its five (5) phases: Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control.

In the realm of innovation (approximately 18-20% of organizational initiatives), a secondary topic in this webinar (but to a much lesser extent) will be “Design for Lean Six Sigma” (DFLSS), also known as the DMADV methodology, and the major elements of its five (5) phases: Define, Measure, Analyze, Design, and Verify.



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