It’s Gonna Be A Sweet Summer with Dairy Queen

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  • By rewarding customers and giving back to communities, the brand is strategically building loyalty among customers

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1) Since flavor options are endless, and customers probably want to try all of them – Dairy Queen just announced that it is giving away free Blizzards all summer long. Yum!

The fast-food restaurant chain is calling its upcoming summer sweepstakes the “Sweetest Season Pass,” giving customers the chance to win $5,000 in Blizzard treats!

DQ is using its social media channels to engage customers with its summer contest – which is likely to create more followers and retain and excite the existing ones.

2) DQ in Starbuck, Minnesota, helped out Jeanne Lundell, a regular customer who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease, when it mattered most.

“Giving back to communities is a strong focus for us and our DQ restaurant owners,” Dairy Queen writes in a recent LinkedIn post:

“Jeanne regularly visited our restaurant during our 65 years in business, and when she started to get confused while out on her regular walks, our DQ restaurant was a signpost that helped her find her way home,” said Todd Anderson, the owner of the DQ restaurant in Starbuck, Minnesota.

And now the family is paying it forward:

“When her family came to us, we were honored to help them offer free dipped cones or free BLIZZARD Treats to the first 100 fans on Jeanne’s birthday each spring. Jeanne held a special place in my heart because she reminded me of my mom, who also passed away from Alzheimer’s Disease.”

Big and small, being there for your customers is always huge.

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