Introducing The North Face x Gucci Collab (and Pokémon GO?!)


Here’s to a brand-new horizon. Literally. In this best-of-both-worlds collaboration, the outdoors and high fashion meet to bring customers an in-game clothing experience. It’s all happening when The North Face crosses with none other than Gucci.

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The song choice of the campaign, Credence Clearwater Revival’s “Bad Moon Rising,” is no coincidence either. It goes way back to the ’60s as the band’s studio was based in Berkeley, California – just adjacent to The North Face’s original factory and storefront back then.

We love it when a plan comes together.

Set in the Alps, the collab presents an eclectic ’70s inspired outwear feel – as Elle describes it: “With photos that mimic recently developed film you discovered in an attic, out of focus and sometimes out of frame.”

You can watch the campaign video here:

The North Face x Gucci collection by Alessandro Michele hit select stores earlier this month in the U.S. and then touch down around the world throughout January. The collection includes jumpsuits, skirts, hats, boots, vests, backpacks, luggage, and more.


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The color palette of the collection was curated from TNF’s materials library, while the outerwear silhouettes are based on original designs. Some of the items feature a combined logo of TNF’s three curved lines and the green and red Gucci Web stripe.


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It might seem odd that the Italian fashion house would team up with the outdoor clothing brand that specializes in climbing equipment. Perhaps, the old saying, “opposites attract,” goes perfectly here.

Let’s not forget how challenging 2020 was for many brands, which is why we are not surprised to see companies thinking outside the box and reaching outside of their comfort zones to show another side of their brand’s personalities.

Additionally, plenty of eager fans were widely anticipating the new collection, and customers know that they’ll need to climb high mountains to get their hands on the much sought-after gear.

On the other hand – a large chunk of customers are bashing TNF for already being such an expensive outdoor clothing retailer… and now, you got this.

In our opinion, first – TNF is diversifying to attract a more fashion-forward audience – and that’s fine – there should be room for all types of customers. The goal is to embrace all kinds of diversity.

And secondly, we totally agree with those who say the real reason behind the partnership is Gucci’s recent interest in the environment and desire to become carbon neutral and ditch the fashion calendar in favor of bi-annual seasonless

It goes hand in hand with TNF’S values and mission to “support the preservation of the outdoors.”

“Backpacks from #TheNorthFacexGucci collection designed by @alessandro_michele are created in line with the commitments of both of the two brands to eco-sustainable activities. The luggage is constructed from ECONYL® fabric, a nylon sourced from regenerated materials—made with fishing nets, carpets and other scraps—that can be recycled and recreated,” Gucci writes on social media.

The weirdest part of the entire collab? This.

Yes, the TNFxGUCCI collab is also available as an avatar on Pokemon Go.

Just when you thought you couldn’t mix more audience types under the same campaign roof.

Whatever it may be, this whole thing just added to the hype around the campaign, and when achieved without cheap provocations, we’re always impressed.

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