How Many Leads Do I Need To Hit Our Revenue Goals? Mystery Solved!


Can You Tell Me Exactly How Many Leads You Need To Hit Your Revenue Goals? No, Really; Exactly How Many Do You Need To Hit Your Goal In August?

We ask this question to prospects all the time and the answer is almost always, “We don’t know.” They know how much revenue they need, but generally they have no idea how many leads it takes to get to those revenue numbers.

This might be one of the inherent challenges with the massive amount of missed revenue targets happening in business today. Our research shows about 10% of companies are able to consistently hit revenue goals month over month and quarter over quarter.

HubSpot reports it at 23% and Salesforce at 43%. It’s possible that companies using these tools are outperforming companies still not using marketing automation and CRM systems, but the results remain horrible in any case.


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