How Backpacking Improved Our Sales Process

Strong Sales Execution Shares Similarities With Hiking

At age 55, it’s getting harder to hump up and down the mountains of the Appalachian Trail. So I decided to pursue what I call “flat walking.” I pick a rails-to-trail or tow path along an old canal and just start walking. I’ve lost 43 pounds with a combination of sensible eating and long-distance hiking.

On a good day, I can walk 15 to 20 miles. At an average speed of about three miles per hour, that can be the better part of the day just walking, and you can do a lot of thinking over five or six hours of hiking.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about sales process, sales enablement and sales strategy on those weekend walks. Mostly because during the work week, I’m chatting with prospects and clients about these issues. A lot of the conversations center around the changes occurring in selling due to COVID and what they might do to adjust.


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