Hooray for Holland & Barrett’s Latest CRM Initiatives

What’s in this article:

  • Holland & Barrett has launched into China via Alibaba’s Tmall site
  • To help NHS Charities and to support local communities, Holland & Barrett partnered with Pennies

Holland & Barrett, the British health and wellness brand specializing in natural remedies, supplements, and healthy foods, recently announced that it would make its way to China’s Tmall site.

As the largest B2C retail platform in Asia, it must be an effective route for China’s market penetration. Brands can target hundreds of millions of shoppers and sell to them directly.

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“Working with our partner, Pattern, we chose to launch on Tmall Global because of the platform’s reach and good alignment to our target customer base. It also means we can leverage the wider Alibaba ecosystem, from payments to logistics,” said Tom Pamment, Head of International Business Development, Holland & Barrett.

“Cross-border selling also means we can offer the Chinese market our products while keeping to our animal testing-free ethos. This was a critical factor in our decision to launch with Tmall Global, who really helped make sure we had a successful launch on the platform.”

The official flagship store has over 40 of the retailer’s most popular products for sale. Fish oils, collagen, and other beauty supplements and vitamins are some of the products that Chinese consumers are particularly interested in.

The company stated in a press release that entering the Chinese market is an opportunity for it “to positively impact the lives of consumers in China.”

Entering new emerging markets and forming long-lasting and loyal relations with customers as a CRM marketing strategy will positively impact the brand’s growth if successful.

Supporting NHS Charities

In a recent LinkedIn post, Holland & Barrett announced that it had raised £102,221, exceeding its milestone amount of £100,000.00 in donations. In the post, the brand thanks customers for participating in the donation and helping to support the local communities that it serves.

We cheer Holland & Barrett for this thoughtful and valuable project. Especially from a CRM perspective, as customers want to support brands they relate to and those that do things to support the world’s well-being.

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