Growth Report November 2019: The AutoGrow App Launched & Flat Growth


Merry Christmas and almost a Happy New Year!

Hope you’re enjoying your Holidays.

We haven’t really stopped working in these past weeks. We’ve been servicing our 20+ clients non-stop and finally launched the AutoGrow app. And that’s why we’re sending you this newsletter with a bit of delay.

And that led us to cross the $27,000 mark in November. That means a 2% growth compared to October.

In November’s growth report, I’ll tell you more about some of the obstacles and challenges we’ve faced as a team and how we’re already overcoming them. And I’ll cover how we’re close to our goal of servicing 23 clients before 2019 ends.

Also, I’ll tell you some powerful lessons learned that have only made us stronger as a team and as a business. Plus, we’ll look at how we’ve kept a 91% client retention rate over 6 months.

So before this year ends, let’s review November’s growth.

Merry Christmas from the AutoGream Team and have a Happy 2020!

The AutoGrow App Launched

We launched the AutoGrow app! It finally happened!

After months of hard work, it’s finally ready. We’re still polishing it and fixing some bugs but the team is already using it on a daily basis.

That’s the biggest news from November for sure.

We’ve been trying it internally for weeks and it has definitely made the work smoother and more efficient. And it has made us quantify the ton of time we’ve been saving our clients with our Done-For-You sales funnel service.

Clients will have access to the app soon. But for now, it’s being used only by AutoGrow’s team members. And honestly, the experience of using the app is amazing. 

We press a button and we see the tasks we need to complete for clients. We press another button and we submit those tasks as completed. And we see the progress of the work in real-time.

For clients, the experience will be similar. They’ll be able to see the progress of the tasks they requested as they’re being completed by our full-stack marketing team.

This gives clients a better idea of what’s done and what isn’t. And also, it replaces the old-fashioned way of communication via email or Skype, which happens to be the tool we actually use for communicating with team members and clients. 

We recently migrated from Trello, and the app has definitely beaten any other platform or tool we’ve used so far.

The AutoGrow app will keep clients up to date. They’ll see how one single task will go from being a draft or what we call IDEAS, to then be in progress or MADE, to finally become a finalized task or what we love calling REAL. And best of all, it’s accomplished on time.

And from the REAL tab, clients can also see first-hand how each asset is performing. They’ll be able to track how well their lead magnet, email campaign, or landing page is performing — from just a single dashboard!

We’re really looking forward to our clients using the app and sharing their feedback.

Because the truth is, this month the growth was flat but mostly because some clients had payment issues that we weren’t able to process, especially in the Hero and Superhero packages. We crossed the $27,000 mark and we’ve kept a 91% client retention rate in 6 months. And this has been happening so fast that managing 20+ client accounts through Skype wasn’t enough.

We want our Done-For-You sales funnel service to be efficient, the communication with clients to be transparent, and to save our clients as much time as possible.

And as we kept growing these past 6 months, and more and more clients kept signing on, the business simply needed a platform like the AutoGrow app. 

So if you’re curious to see how it works, just reach out to us and we’ll show you how our Done-For-You service and full-stack marketing team can help you build the perfect sales funnel for your business that will get you leads instantly and save you tons of time.

Minor Setbacks

In mid-November, there seemed to not be any growth for the month. 

But what looked like a plateau, actually became a subtle growth. And in terms of our products revenue it has gone down considerably. This is because we’ve turned our focus on selling our Done-For-You service.

But that doesn’t mean we’ve stopped offering our products. We actually offer them to clients as part of our service’s packages. Because some clients like learning the strategies behind the sales funnels and think about sales funnels themselves.

But over the course of the last 2 weeks of the month, Matt got back to the sales process and closed 4 new sales. And that obviously grew our list of clients considerably. By the end of November we had 20 and we’re still aiming to reach our 2019 goal of servicing 23 clients accounts.

And with Matt taking the sales lead again, that number doesn’t seem so far off.

Also, with the weekly LIVE demo webinars, Matt has been hosting every Wednesday at 11am EST, the possibility of growth seems easier. Because a lot of people have been attending the webinars and signing up for our Done-For-You service.

This has also led us to completely migrate to not having any consultation calls at all since going forward, everything will be done right through the app.

Some things are changing but some others are just getting better. 

Having someone on the team who’s not helping your company grow can actually bring something positive. In our case, taking that person away from the full responsibility of leading the consultation calls brought more sales. He’s still on the team but we’ll see what happens. 

Hiring, Still a Bottleneck

I’ve told you in the past Growth Reports how hiring has been a bottleneck for us. But we’ve overcome those issues by hiring the right people and firing the ones who aren’t.

I actually interviewed an applicant for the Project Manager position in the past weeks. He was making a lot of excuses for not wanting to be interviewed on that same day. And let’s face it, if you’re interested in being hired by a company, you show interest.

You don’t say “it’s late” or “I’m tired.” You do your best to make it work.

But anyway, this applicant wouldn’t stop talking during the interview. He’d just go on and on and not give straight answers to any of my questions. Especially when I asked him what was his biggest challenge as a Project Manager.

And not to mention that he was wearing a comfy sweater while drinking tea in the kitchen during the interview.

I was too polite for not ending the call sooner.

Sometimes it’s better to be upfront and say NO. 

I’m glad this person wasn’t hired because it wouldn’t have worked.

Right now we have 10 solid members in the team. We’re still looking to fill out some positions but the team’s only getting stronger.

It hasn’t been easy to hire the right people for the right positions, but when we’ve found the ones, it’s been worth it.

We’ll probably end up creating a hiring funnel to not let hiring be a setback in our growth.

Lessons Learned in November

We had our first client sign up to one of our Done-For-You service’s packages through our website with no consultation call or without even watching our demo video. 

And that’s awesome because it’s proof that clients can sign up when you have an impeccable reputation like ours. And also because we launched our new homepage and pricing page. 

We need to do a better job of tracking things though, because as you know, what gets measured gets done.

When you see the metrics that show where the bottleneck is in your business, that forces you and your team to think more about it and pushes you to find a solution to it.

Luckily, Matt sees the business as a massive mural or painting that we’ve been working on for the last 6 months. Because when you paint, you can always go back to one area and make it better and better because you add the depth, the shadow, color, and all the little details you want to make it look great. 

And that has helped to have a better picture of the business and helped us see the areas that have needed some extra work.

All it takes is work and making that work better and better every day. And that’s a powerful lesson learned this month.

Another lesson learned is boosting our client retention and hiring people on a trial basis. We’ve actually improved that area and we’ve turned that into a hard rule within our operations.

In the first 2 months, everyone hired is hired on a trial basis. If that person isn’t a fit for the job position, it’s a fast decision to get rid of the person because they’re in the trial period.

If a person doesn’t get right the simple tasks that are systemized and that we know are completely doable, then the natural flow will be to remove them from the trial period.

For instance, we hired a Project Manager in November, and he was late on his first two days of work. He came up with some excuses about being at an airport. Then, the next day, he never showed up to our team sync up. And we’re a virtual team: Skype is like our office. 

So if you’re not responsible enough to send a message in your first 3 days of work, then you must be removed ASAP from the team. 

And probably our biggest win is that so far any of our 20+ clients haven’t canceled because they’re unhappy or unsatisfied with our service.

As 2019 comes to its end, another big lesson learned is the decision of Matt taking full responsibility again of the sales process for the time being. And the next milestone is to get our clients to use the AutoGrow app.


Growing a company to $27,000+ monthly revenue takes hard work and the right team members.

Always hire slowly and fire quickly. Don’t stick with people who are stopping your business from growing.

With the AutoGrow app finally launched, the workflow’s now easier, smoother, and we can actually quantify how many hours of work we save our clients.

We’re still aiming for servicing 23 clients by the end of this year and keep delivering the highest quality work possible. Let’s see what happens next month.

And if you need help growing your business, just reach out to AutoGrow and we can build and optimize the perfect sales funnel for your business. And who knows, maybe you can end up being our 23th Done-For-You sales funnel service client =)

Just contact us and we can show you how the AutoGrow app can save you time, generate leads instantly, and generate more sales for you while you just sit back and relax.

Merry Christmas from the AutoGream Team and have a Happy New Year!

Keep funnelin’, stay focused.



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