GlassesUSA’s SVP Marketing Has A Vision


Arie Tom
SVP Marketing at GlassesUSA

When consumers want to show their personality with their eyewear, they can pay a visit to the largest online eyewear retailer. Though when GlassesUSA needs to communicate their styles to customers, they rely on Arie Tom, who runs the design, management, and marketing strategy execution for the brand.

After beginning his career at advertising firm McCann, Arie later found himself on the roster for several industry disrupters, including Google, the Tenen Group, and Artificial Intelligence solutions provider, Bidalgo, where he served as VP Media. These days, he’s helping GlassesUSA sharpen their storytelling techniques throughout the entire customer lifecycle. 

In an interview with Under30CEO, Arie explains that while online shopping rids customers of receiving a greeting from an affable and helpful sales clerk, personalization remains essential.

“While email open rates are dropping steadily, it becomes more and more important to segment your customers and deliver a more personalized and relevant experience. This process of personalization starts from the first stages of lead capturing to the last of email workflows. It’s also important to secure a healthy account and reputation,” he said.

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