Gap is at Home at Walmart

What’s in this article:

  • The latest brand offering from Gap features bedding, bath, and decor called Gap Home
  • Gap Home will be offered for sale not at Gap itself but at Walmart
  • It is designed to be sustainable and affordable, a point of brand identity for the retail outlet

On May 27, Gap and Walmart announced a collaboration between the two brands for a line of products called Gap Home. The initial 400-piece lineup of pillows, linens, curtains, etc., is to become available exclusively on

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That first offering is said to have “the planet in mind.”  The fabrics feature organic cotton and recycled materials to gain sustainability points.

More is to follow, according to the announcement: “New Gap Home seasonal and special collections will drop throughout the year and will be developed in partnership with Gap’s licensing agency, IMG.”

While most sustainable products come at a premium price, these products aim to be “accessible to all customers,” meaning affordable, which is, after all, on brand for Walmart.

The question is: why did Gap select Walmart as the carrier of this new line? Most likely, the answer lies in the vast market reach the name synonymous with affordable products has, a reach that has grown even greater during the pandemic.

In the words of Mark Breitbard, president and CEO of Gap brand, put in more polite terms, “Walmart is a global leader in the home space with extensive digital reach and distribution, and this partnership enables Gap to introduce a new category in a smart, scalable way.”

He believes that collaboration will deliver Gap to new customers: “Gap Home at Walmart opens a new door for Gap as a lifestyle brand delivering timeless American style in all new ways. We are excited for this growth opportunity, enabling even more customers to fall in love with Gap.”

We’ve recently seen Gap presenting itself in a whole new light thanks to collabs with Kanye West and Simon Biles, too. Question is whether all of the collabs will generate new customers that will actually remain loyal in the long run.

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