From the Vault: Fighting Customer Churn

This is the 7th edition of our “From the Vault” series – where we bring you the best still-relevant articles we’ve ever published around a specific topic.

You can see it as a kind of a makeshift ebook, or a textual, on-demand online course of sorts.

We do it because we think curating great content is the best thing we can do for our readers. Sometimes it’s even more valuable than publishing great new content.

And this time, the links below will take you on a journey full of fighting customer churn know-how.


1. How to Win Back Lost Customers:
Why you need a CDP to win back this important customer segment

2. Which Department is Responsible for Increasing Retention and Reducing Churn?
As a marketer, it’s all too tempting to focus on acquisition over retention. Holding a specific team accountable can keep customers around for the long term

3. Churn Prediction: How Marketers Can Plan for Lost Customers In Advance
What can marketers do to predict and address customer churn in advance?

4. Nine Ways Subscription Marketers Can Reduce Churn
Sometimes reducing churn is as simple as improving onboarding or addressing failed payments.

5. Seven New Strategies to Reduce Customer Churn
It starts by understanding why users leave in the first place

6. Take Notes: This Is What Retail Marketers Can Teach Us About Subscription Churn
Sometimes, old-school marketing problems call for old-school marketing solutions

7. Using Downsells to Save Missed Opportunities and Avoid Churn
Not everyone is going to take you up on your first offer—and that’s okay. What’s not okay is letting them off the hook completely

8. Lapsed Customers Aren’t Lost – Reaching Out To Previous Clients
There are many strategies marketers can implement to re-engage lapsed customers across a multitude of channels

9. Keep Churn to the Bare Minimum Using Lifecycle Marketing
Lifecycle marketing is knowing what your customers need at specific points along their journey with your brand. And delivering in the best way possible

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