From the Vault: AI

This is our 12th “From the Vault” series – where we bring you the best still-relevant articles we’ve ever published around a specific topic.

You can see it as a kind of a makeshift ebook, or a textual, on-demand online course of sorts.

We do it because we think curating great content is the best thing we can do for our readers. sometimes even more valuable than publishing great new content.

And this time, the links below will take you on a journey full of AI know-how. Enjoy.


1.4 Trends in the Marketing World Made Possible by Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence isn’t just making it easier for brands to “do” traditional marketing. It’s actually revolutionizing the way we approach marketing

2.Choose Your Chatbot Wisely 

With the right chatbot, your business can scale up marketing and sales with great efficiency and deliver real value for your investment

3.Beauty is in the AI of the Beholder 

Is the new home skin-care AI-powered device, introduced in CES by L’Oréal, the future of customer retention?

4.How Your Marketing Team Can Evolve Through the AI Revolution 

While many believe AI is a death knell for human marketers, this couldn’t be further from the truth

5. 5 Vital Ways AI Can Supercharge Your Relationship Marketing Efforts

Artificial intelligence can help you optimize your relationship marketing initiatives across the board

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