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There is just too much content out there. Obviously, its quality is bell-shaped – most of it is okay, and at the edges, you can find really bad or really good content. It’s true to marketing content, but in 2021 – it’s basically the reality all around us. And so, CURATION IS KING.

This is why we are now introducing the “From the PF Vault” series – where every once in a while we’ll give you a bunch of links – our best archival content around a specific topic. These are articles that are both of high quality, and popular – many of them withstanding the test of time.

Think of it as a kind of makeshift ebook, or an ad-hoc digital course of sorts. Reading through these will make you a much more educated marketer about the topic at hand.

And this time, that topic is Email Marketing.

Not all newsletters are treated equally. A well-written, relevant email stays much longer.

The trend of dropping email marketing in favor of other tools is widespread among marketers. But those who hurry in following the trend are up for a disappointment. Read on to understand why.

The “gatekeeping” process all emails go through after delivery, why an IP address or email address may get blacklisted, and how to get taken off a blacklist.

Today, there are only two types of emails: inbox-worthy and junk. Here’s how to ensure you’re taking advantage of the potent marketing channel.

Google officially launched AMP for email. Optimove’s specialist looks into the promise of accelerated mobile pages.

Writing emails that drive conversion isn’t rocket science, but it takes some knowledge and careful planning.

To learn even more – see everything our email marketing specialist ever wrote for Optimove’s blog, including “What Does It Mean to Treat a Customer’s Email With Respect?” and “Take Your Email Deliverability to the Max“.

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