Free Training Webinar on Excel Macros & VBA – May 8th-12th


I’m hosting a FREE webinar on Excel Macros & VBA during the week of May 8th-12th. Here is the link to register.

If you are bored doing the same Excel tasks over and over again, then we can use macros & VBA to automate Excel and save time. Here is what you can expect to learn during the webinar.

  1. If you have ever had any of the following questions about macros in Excel, then this free live training is for you!
    • What is a macro?
    • What is VBA?
    • What do the dots between the words mean?
    • What order does the macro run in?
    • Why should I learn VBA and how will it benefit me?
  2. Learn the 7 steps to getting started with macros & VBA. We will write our first macro and step through the code.
  3. My simple explanation of the VBA coding language and Excel Object Model will help you gain a better understanding of how to automate Excel.
  4. Learn how to run your macros and what order the code runs in.
  5. See how to use and go beyond the macro recorder.
  6. Learn the most powerful and useful Loop in VBA to automate boring tasks.

The webinar is running multiple times per day during the week of May 8th-12th. Please click the link to go to the registration page and sign up. It’s free!



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