Email Marketing Hacks for the Busiest Marketer


Most marketer’s to-do lists aren’t getting any shorter. There will always be blogs to write, metrics to analyze, and campaigns to create. So how do some of your peers seem to maximize the hours in their day?

They work smarter not harder. With nearly 3 billion email users worldwide, you don’t have time to waste if you want to chip away at this ever-growing audience. Accomplish more each day with these email marketing hacks that will optimize your time without adding hours.

9 Email Tactics Used by Smart Retailers

Automate social leads

Automating your email campaigns and messages not only saves you time and effort (once you’ve set them up), but it also brings other tangible results. Automated emails get 119% higher click rates than broadcast emails and automated offers increase conversions 60% over non-timed emails with the same offer. With automation, you can send a personalized email — like a welcome, thank you, discount, re-engagement, or lead-nurturing email — to your subscribers at just the right time.

But there’s more to automation marketing than triggering emails to send out to your subscriber. You can also automate importing Facebook leads into your email list — and welcome them with a message. You can use Facebook Lead Ads or another capturing tool to collect your leads. Once you have their information, you can use a marketing-automation tool like Zapier or to set up a trigger for inputting their information into to your email list or CRM. You can find the step-by-step instructions on how to set up the automation on Neil Patel’s blog.

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Freshen up your list

A healthy email list makes all the difference when it comes to achieving positive campaign results. It doesn’t do anyone any good if you have inactive or inaccurate email addresses on your lists: Prioritize quality over quantity.

Online tools like Kickbox and Neverbounce verify your email lists and improve your deliverability rate. The sites will analyze your list at the start and continue verifying the email addresses, keeping your “Rolodex” up to date.

Test out everything

From your subject line to the design and responsiveness of your email, you want everything to look and work perfectly. Your email platform will most likely provide a spam checker tool for subject lines and other content, but there are so many other factors that can make or break the campaign.

For example, how does the message appear on a mobile device? Is the copy effective? Could it inadvertently offend someone? Enlist a tool to provide as another shield against ineffective or unoptimized mailers.

One option is IsNotSpam. This tool tests your email campaign for potential spam. Send your test email to the address on the site, and within a few minutes, Is Not Spam will send you back a report detailing any issues it detected. The site performs tests including sender ID, SPF, DomainKeys, DKIM, and SpamAssassin checks.

You can also check out Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer. This tool analyzes your headline or subject line (up to 20 words) and shows you your emotional marketing value (EMV) score. It will also tell you which emotion your text evokes, be it intellectual, empathetic, or spiritual. You can then use that information to decide how you want to move forward.

Combine names in Excel

You may divide subscribers’ names into two columns with their first name in one and last name in another. But what if you wanted to combine the two and address them by their full name? It’s a quick task using Excel — and you don’t have to manually go through and merge all of them.

There are different formats and ways to merge first and last names, but two popular options are the ampersand operator or the concatenate function. Below are the formulas for both:

=first_name_cell&” “&last_name_cell

CONCATENATE (first_name_cell,” “,last_name_cell)

You can also combine first/last name with a comma, merge their first/middle/last name, and merge their first initial/surname. View all of the steps and troubleshoot issues with these steps from

Resend unopened emails

You sent your subscriber a great email, but for whatever reason, they didn’t open it. Instead of trying again with your next email campaign, send them the same email after a few days with a different subject line and preview text. Instead of wasting good content, you’re repackaging your existing material and presenting it in a fresh way.

Email marketing platforms like Robly can automatically resend your campaign to normally engaged subscribers who missed a specific communication. They recommend resending emails for those with campaigns that go out twice a week or less frequently.

Make the most of your tools

Most online platforms will have their own integrations and features you can use to save time and achieve more — you just need to know what’s available. Use these apps to streamline your workload. In the end, the best email marketing hacks are the ones that work best for you.

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