Digital Marketing With Love Is Like Cooking With Love: The Results Make All The Difference


The Difference Between A Good Meal And A Great Meal Might Be Love Here’s How That Translates To Marketing Results

We’ve all experienced an amazing meal at a great new restaurant. Then when we go back, the meal is good, but it’s not great. What happened? Usually, it’s simple. The chef who cooked the meal just doesn’t have the same passion she had when she opened.

A lot of parallels exist with marketing, especially inbound marketing. In most cases, it’s a bit like Groundhog Day. Every day people are doing the same things over and over again. It works, but it takes an insane amount of repetition and patience.

We see this more with in-house marketing teams because they’re working on the same company day in and day out the same story, the same kind of content and targeting the same people. It’s hard to stay excited.


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