Athleta Put $2 Million To Fuel Customer Confidence

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  • To fund women of color and make physical activity and fitness more inclusive and accessible to BIPOC communities – Athleta launched the Wellness for All Grants
  • Now, the brand has announced that it is beginning the next round of grants, and is encouraging customers and fans to apply. And the appreciation is evident

Last summer, Athleta partnered with the Women’s Sports Foundation to launch several grants through the #PowerOfShe to fund women of color and make wellness and fitness more accessible to female BIPOC communities.

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Now,  Athleta is sharing the success and incredible impact of its grantees and what they have accomplished through various programs.

Athleta customers love the initiative as strong brand values as such are known encourage meaningful customer relationships. See what two users on Twitter wrote about Athleta, for instance:


Incredible programs that the #PowerofShe helps fund

Rype Girls – the program for young women of color (grade 7-12) that inspires, educates, and suppots girls on their journey towards living a healthy lifestyle through triathlon sports.

Girls In The Game – since 1995, this program helps girls find their voice, discover their strengths, and lead with confidence through fun and active sports, health, and leadership programs.

The Body Positive Class – a program which encourages men and women to love their bodies through dance, affirmations, and more – led by plus size fitness enthusiast, Jessie Diaz-Herrera.

Intertribal Sports – a Southern California non-profit organization that unifies tribal youth and communities.

Color the Water – a BIPOC safe community that promotes anti-racism, free surf lessons, and surf media.

Black Girls Run – a program made to inspire women, especially Black women to be healthy and active.

Empowering Your Community: The Work Continues

This month, Athleta launched yet another round of Wellness for All Grants. Customers can apply through the Women Sport Foundation between June 7, 2021, and Friday, August 9, 2021. Grant recipients will be selected sometime in November 2021.


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Athleta doubling down on these initiatives elevates the brand, differentiates it, and gives it a hook with which to hold meaningful relationships with customers. This is playbook stuff. Topping it with the right technology that will allow the brand to further personalize communications with its community members will surely take the company’s CRM efforts to the next level.

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