Ads We Loved: The Travis Meal, TikTok, and the Unfinished Billboard


Welcome to our second monthly “ads we loved” article.

A month ago, we focused mainly on corona/recession-related ads, and said we hoped to be able to bring you more upbeat things in September.

And while the corona and economic crises are still very much a thing, we are standing by our original intention.

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ESPN’s hype video is more moving than anything else. We think it’s appropriate. We’re not crying. You are.

2. Federer on a Roof

Let’s stay with sports for a moment.

Remember this video of two girls playing tennis on rooftops in Italy, that went viral back when the country was ravaged by the coronavirus?

Barilla thought it was a good idea to take things up a notch. They were right.

3. Put your hands together!

Looking for a job right now is even less pleasant than usually. Coming up with innovative ideas for billboard ads might be difficult as well. Interesting Development solved both problems with one unique campaign for Vita Coco, asking aspiring designers to finish their ad – so that they could hire whoever does it best.

“We didn’t want this to be a contest, or to be a crowdsourced call for free work,” Interesting Development creative chief Paul Caiozzo told Muse by Clio, “People are struggling enough without making our ads for free,” he says. “We were hoping that in addition to helping out recent creative grads, this would allow a more diverse group of people to apply. Maybe people who didn’t have the resources to put together a fancy portfolio but still had amazing talent. Which could be revealed in them doing anything they wanted with the green screen board.”

4. Open for business

One of Coca Cola’s #OpenLikeNeverBefore campaign’s latest versions – the one specially made for the Middle East – got more than 2.5 million views. It’s the most of the series.

But we still think the original one is great. Regardless of what some nasty comments online say.

5. Keep your friends closer

Google is now prioritizing local businesses with new ad tools. Which is fantastic.

The tv spot that goes along with the launch is showing just how fantastic this initiative is.

6. In Da House!

TikTok is staying on American soil, as you’ve read on the news. Thus begins the long journey of sustaining its position as a cultural phenom, and not a passing thing.

Here’s’s description this tv spot: “As Curtis Roach raps about his boredom at home, TikTokers around the world showcase their own boredom. From stacking cups to baby reveals, the creators have found a variety of creative ways to keep themselves entertained. To hold the boredom at bay there will be dancing, ping pong balls, roller skating and much more. TikTok says that if something is in culture, it began on TikTok.”

7. I want to be like Travis

The Travis Scott meal at McDonalds became the biggest thing in burgers since sliced buns.

But still, this ad – with more than 3.3 million views on YT:

Mostly just reminded us of Little Penny (and Chris Rock, obvs)

8. Kings of the house

And we’ll let you off with this: How do you get the biggest footballers to wear your shirt without paying them millions of dollars?

Burger King and Stevenage FC (who?) with the answer:

And the best thing about it? It’s not some small brand with limited marketing budgets that came up with this idea. To teach us that creativity and innovation can still come from money.


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