A Song of Fire and Leads: How our Favorite GOT Characters Would Rule Their Marketing Team

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Imagine the bustling streets of King’s Landing, the wooded lands of Winterfell, and the emerald valleys of the vale. Now imagine that instead of fighting over who would sit on the Iron Throne, the Game of Thrones characters were competing over who would become the best marketer. To celebrate eight years of incredible television, we took a few of our favorite characters and traded their war strategies for a place at the marketer’s table.

Character: Arya Stark

Main characteristic: The Renegade Innovator.
What else: Fast learner who likes to conquer new technologies. Isn’t afraid of long-winded training sessions, is great on her own, but excels as part of a team. Highly focused on her targets.
Marketer Persona: The Martech warrior.
If she were truly a marketer: She wouldn’t be allowed in any conference – her tag HAS NO NAME.
Tip for improvement: Solo initiatives are great, team efforts bring real results. Remember: the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives.

Character: Jon Snow

Main characteristic: The Reluctant Leader.
What else: His courage allows him to take on challenges, focus on the goal ahead, and go forth and conquer. Those close to him see him as role model and true leader. His big heart and strong values convince those from other realms to follow his lead.
Marketer Persona: Head of Demand Generation.
If he were truly a marketer: He’d start a ‘bring your dire wolf to the office’ trend.
Tip for improvement: Loyalty and duty may conflict with each other in the workplace, so make a decision that benefits everyone in the realm.

Character: Daenerys Targaryen

Main characteristic: The temperamental know-it-all.
What else: While an expert in her field, she believes she’s always right. She makes every decision with purpose, though it doesn’t always work out in her favor. Very emotionally driven, sometimes to her detriment.
Marketer Persona: Art Director.
If she were truly a marketer: As “Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen, the First of Her Name, Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Protector of the Seven Kingdoms, the Mother of Dragons, the Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, the Unburnt, the Breaker of Chains,” printing her business card would be problematic.
Tip for improvement: Listen to what other have to say before acting on impulse. Hear other suggestions before making a call that affects the entire team or company.

Character: Tyrion Lannister

Main characteristic: The wise comedic relief.
What else: Very analytic, this type knows how to read people and is great with numbers, history,  and office politics. Excels at delegating tasks and can step up when passionate about a project, but feels undermined because he’s not the leader or warrior of the team.
Marketer Persona: Marketing Project Manager.
If he were truly a marketer: Will do a great job as Hand of the CMO, close and loyal advisor to the big boss.
Tip for improvement: Should deal with his drinking problem.

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Character: Cersei Lannister

Main characteristics: Very ambitions, questionable morals, loyal.
What else: Nothing will stand in her way when trying to achieve her goal. Can be very cruel to those who question her leadership, but incredibly loyal to her team.
Marketer Persona: Doesn’t exist; no marketer would be evil enough to burn down their company with wildfire.
If she were truly a marketer: She’d land a managerial position because she knows how to get others to bend to their will. If not, SHAME on her.
Tip for improvement: Avoid getting romantically involved with one of the team members.

Character: Sansa Stark

Main characteristics: Cunning, resilient, fast learner.
What else: She can be an excellent leader, but for some reason, she’s frequently overlooked and dealt a bad hand. Sticks with her people through thick and thin, never lets them bend the knee or compromise their position.
Marketer Persona: PR Manager.
If she were truly a marketer: Sure, she’d have her fair share of duplicitous interactions and some may call her naïve at first, but she’s taking it all in. An intelligent fast learner who doesn’t make the same marketing faux pas twice.
Tip for improvement: Choose your mentors wisely, Little Bird.

Character: Samwell Tarly

Main characteristics: Bookworm, loyal, amazing team player.
What else: Timid, but can grow into his confidence, always with a book in his hand, excels at keeping records of the doings of multiple ‘houses’ within the marketing team. Comes up with fact-based solutions for problems.
Marketer Persona: Data Scientist.
If he were truly a marketer: The researcher. Learns other kingdoms stories well and is an expert at surmising how it’ll fit into the bigger picture.
Tip for improvement: Be confident in your findings and research.

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