9 Email Marketing Subject Lines Live From My Email Inbox — And How To Fix Them

Source: https://www.square2marketing.com/blog/9-email-marketing-subject-lines-live-from-my-email-inbox-and-how-to-fix-them

Email Marketing Won’t Work If Your Subject Lines Are Weak

Email marketing is key to connecting with clients and prospects. Email marketing is also important to continuing the conversation with people when they leave your website. In fact, we could look at the entire buyer journey and find a use case for email marketing at almost every stage.

But if you send emails with weak subject lines, you’re wasting your time, money and energy.

Email marketing has only one goal to get your contact to click on a link and revisit your company. It could be content, your website or your sales team. If you don’t get the recipient to open the email, they’ll never see the link. If they never see the link, you’re sunk.

This makes the subject line the most important part of the email marketing strategy.


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