8 Brands That Are Taking a Clear Stance on Political Issues

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The U.S. presidential elections are taking place in November, topping off an eventful year.

And while one of the main issues seems to be voting turnout, many of the world’s largest brands are putting this (on its surface) bi-partisan issue front and center.

But even among them, you can spot the ones that are REALLY behind this cause. The ones that are so vocal and explicit about it, you sometimes confuse them with that activist friend of yours.

And since we think this is one way to build a brand and give it character, creating the conditions to build truly meaningful relationships with customers, we gathered the ones most deserving of a highlight here below.

1. Patagonia

Yvon Chouinard, the founder of Patagonia, has always been “out there” with his opinion for change, whether it be environmental change, climate change, and political change.

But check this out:

Yes, you read it right, and the strong, hidden message on Patagonia clothing tags are in fact, real.

Oddly enough, the swear word is written in plural and, therefore, open to interpretation. Your call – who do you think the brand is referring to?

2. Ben & Jerry’s

It’s no secret that the delicious ice-cream makers have never been shy to get political. In fact, they’re even known to go overboard and sometimes shock you.

A few months ago, amid the BLM protests, the super-premium homemade ice cream brand was gaining the spotlight with their statement on white supremacy and defunding the police.

Now, the brands pushing customers to vote locally (as well as nationally) with this video they posted to social media:

3. Levi’s

The all-American denim maker is trying to influence consumers to “do the right thing,” and has recently been speaking out on gun control.

“I see the gun violence epidemic as something that is ripping society apart at the seams,” CEO Chip Bergh said while asking customers to “leave their guns at home” when stepping into stores.

This bold request could strike controversy as Americans have the fundamental “right to keep and bear arms,” as written in the Second Amendment.

To encourage its customers to vote, the brand recently teamed up with Rock The Vote to release logo-covered tees and hoodies.


It may also be the most vocal brand behind “Time To Vote” (https://www.maketimetovote.org/), a movement with more than 1000 brands registered to it.

4. Old Navy

The president of Old Navy, Nancy Green, is paying her employees to serve as poll workers on Election day:

She is also calling for other brands to follow, further showing her stance on the importance of ensuring a safe and fair election day for all.

* Target, Tory Burch, and Warby Parkers are doing the same.

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5. Starbucks

Former Starbuck’s CEO, Howard Schultz, who is still very much recognized with the brand, is also making a candid political statement by pledging campaign contribution to endorse Joe Biden.

“What is at risk is democracy itself: Checks and balances. Rigorous debate. A free press. An acceptance of facts, not ‘alternate facts.’ Belief in science. Trust in the rule of law. A strong judicial system. Unity in preserving all of our rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” he said while taking aim at Trump’s repeated attacks on voting by mail.

6. American Eagle

This clothing retailer isn’t messing around either. Along with its sister brand Aerie, the jeans company teamed up with a nonprofit organization, HeadCount, to promote voter turnout.

7. Footlocker

The shoe retailer is encouraging Gen Z to go out and vote by also teaming up with Rock the Vote – to educate and amplify the young voices of the future.

“In a year marked with such uncertainty, amid a pandemic and social unrest, our country’s future – and our collective role in shaping it – has never been more important,” said Richard Johnson, Chairman & CEO, Foot Locker, Inc.

“At Foot Locker, our mission is to inspire and empower youth culture, so partnering with Rock The Vote was a natural fit to help educate and amplify the voices of today’s youth.”

In addition, the brand is transforming more than 2,000 of its stores across the U.S. into voter registration sites.

8. Snapchat

Through the innovative creation of the video below, the social media giant is also telling today’s youth (its target audience) to vote and “pass it on.”

Through a partnership with TurboVote, Snapchat users can vote directly from within its app, too. And to make it even bolder, it transformed its entire Twitter profile into a powerful voting campaign exposed to its 2.1 million followers.

Is your brand taking any stand on some global, social, or other issue?

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