3 Highly Effective Ways to Build Trust With Customers

What’s in this article:

  • A list of actions that create trust in your brand over time
  • It may take time to implement the examples in this list, but it’ll help you get on your way to building a lasting relationship with loyal customers

Trust is at the core of every consumer relationship. When making purchasing decisions, customers need assurance that they will receive excellent service and that a product will meet their needs. Unfortunately, recent studies suggest that consumer trust is at an all-time low, especially if you’re a smaller company that hasn’t built up an existing reputation. Millennials and Generation Z consumers are particularly distrustful when it comes to brands, which is a major problem given those markets’ size!

The good news is that you can build trust over time if you’re willing to commit to actions that create faith in your brand.

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Respond to customer reviews, even negative ones

Businesses are very poor when it comes to responding to reviews, especially if the reviews are negative. According to the 2019 Retail Reputation Report, only 2% of businesses respond to negative comments and customer reviews, even if the platform provides an opportunity to do so.

The issue is that negative reviews aren’t just lost sales — they are content that potential customers see when trying to learn more about your brand. Seeing how you respond to criticism can tell them a great deal about your trustworthiness. Do you apologize for clear faults? Take action to make things right? Recommend alternatives or point out apparent misunderstandings? In all cases, a professional humility can make your brand far more approachable than silence.

Leverage third-party validation

Recommendations from trusted sources are among the fastest ways to build trust in any setting, business-related or otherwise. Consider investing in content strategies that will highlight third-party validation of your products and service. These recommendations can take many forms, such as case studies, aggregated customer review scores, or accreditation from groups like the Better Business Bureau. When customers can see independent validations, they’re far more likely to take a chance on what you offer.

Stand up for something

According to a Salesforce report, most customers believe that companies have a responsibility to make the world a better place. That’s a big goal, but a surprisingly achievable one if you show commitment to positive social change. The exact cause is up to you, but there’s no shortage to choose from. What’s essential is taking action, whether big or small, instead of just sharing kind words. For example, offering non-gendered bathrooms for customers is a small gesture for business owners but shows humanity while generating immense goodwill.

Just remember: trust-building is a process, not an event. It may take time to implement the examples in this list, but the end result will be worth it. By consistently recommitting to these practices, you’ll be well on your way to building a lasting relationship with loyal customers.

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