Some work I shot earlier this year just before lockdown in the UK. This piece is the result of a monumental effort by a whole crew of amazing people who gave up their time to work with me on this during a dismal rainy day in south london – I can’t thank them enough. Each one them was crucial to making it happen.

Director and 1st DOP: Greg Funnell

Producer: Scott Harrison-Sargeant (@scott_sarge)

2nd DOP and Steadicam: Jordan Stephens (@jordanstephensdop)

1st AD: Joe Sheffer (@joesheffer)

Runner: Daniel Delikatnyi (@dandeliphoto)

Stylist: Kellie Daggett (@kelliedaggett)

Talent: Rubens Lima (@rubenstlima)

Editing: Avenues Studios (

Grading: One White Chair (@onewhitechair)


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