10 Wildly Effective Lead-Scoring Tips To Install In Marketo

Source: https://www.square2marketing.com/blog/10-wildly-effective-lead-scoring-tips-to-install-in-marketo

Lead Scoring Is Critical For Prioritizing Leads For Sales And Measuring The Effectiveness Of Your Marketing

We see lead scoring as an important part of every revenue generation program. While creating the model and building the scoring algorithm into your marketing automation tool is considered intermediate to advanced marketing, we think it’s a requirement.

Furthermore, it provides a nice connection between sales and marketing, aligning both teams around what makes a good lead. It also offers sales insight into which leads need immediate attention, which leads offer the best opportunity and the overall quality of the leads marketing is generating for sales.

If you’re looking for data on the benefits of lead scoring, consider this: A MarketingSherpa study showed those using lead scoring had a 77% boost in lead generation ROI over those not using scoring. In addition, a recent Kentico study found 38% of businesses surveyed experienced higher lead-to-opportunity conversion rates thanks to lead scoring.


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