10 Slam-Dunk Ways To Improve Your Software Demo And Increase Close Rates By 50% Or More

Source: https://www.square2marketing.com/blog/10-slam-dunk-ways-to-improve-your-software-demo-and-increase-close-rates-by-50-or-more

For Software Companies, Demos Are Everything  But Most Of The Demos I’ve Seen Are Pretty Bad

We work with a lot of software companies and we hear the same story from all of them: “Get us more demos and we’ll close them.” 

Our response? “Great, what’s your close rate on demos?” Just last week a prospect was proud to respond that they had a 10% close rate on demos.

Without making the prospect feel bad, we alluded to the fact that while 10% sounded good, our experience is that most software companies should be closer to a 50% close rate after a demo.

This of course led to an entire conversation about their demo, their reps and their sales process you get the idea. All great topics of conversation, and frankly, the right conversation to be having when your software company has a 10% close rate post-demo.

But that got me thinking: Why are all of these software companies running such poor demo playbooks?


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